Are you clashing bro???

20140730-194209-70929317.jpgStill not playing the number 1 grossing game yet?
Download it, you will not be disappointed, it is similar to Age Of Empires but it takes years to upgrade your army…. unless you have hella $$$$$$$$$$

Don’t waste your gems early due to impatience unless there is a a special 1 gem boost event going on.
Upgrade your resources first, while this may seem like a no brainier, it’s tempting to want to build that new mortar available to you when you upgraded your town hall, but trust me you are going to need that gold more than another barracks upgrade!

Clash of clans takes elements from other play to win games and it does a great job of tempting you to spend your real life scrilla. Don’t do it! …. But if you do spend real money on this game, be efficient with your new found gems. Buying a 5 day shield and boosting you resources every day is the best way to spend your gems.

With a recent update Supercell added a new element to the game: Clan Wars. Clan wars was a great addition to them game. Especially for those who take advantage of the 5 day shield. You can participate in war and you won’t lose your shield. This allows you to still enjoy battling without having to sacrifice your shield. Clan wars also brings more competition to the game and I have actually noticed the average skill of the player base has improved.

Thank you supercell for giving me something to waste me spare time and not so spare money on!


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